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5 Benefits Of Collaboration

Musicians need to be able to work together, it’s a fact. Collaborating has notable advantages, and working with other artists can help you advance your musical career in ways that working solo can’t. Here are five advantages of working collaboratively.

An Increase in Awareness

By working with others, you open up your music and message to a whole new audience. This is mutually beneficial regardless of follower size, increasing awareness for both you and the artists with whom you choose to collaborate. Cooperation has often catapulted lesser-known performers into the spotlight, resulting in acclaim, industry interest and, in some cases, rapid fanbase growth — collaboration is well worth your time for these reasons alone.

An Expanded Perspective

Working with other artists or bands is sometimes necessary to realise your creative vision. If you’re composing a song that you believe would be enhanced by the addition of a specific instrument or voice, finding other artists to collaborate with can help you refine your idea and achieve better results.

Musicianship Improvements

Collaborative projects frequently provide possibilities to both learn and create. Perhaps your bowing isn’t as excellent as you’d like it to be, or you’ve run into some vocal limits you’d like to overcome. Perfecting a partnership can motivate artists to address their own individual limits and push the boundaries of what they are musically capable of.

Prospects for Networking

You could discover that the artists with whom you’re collaborating can expose you to even more artists — ones you may already know and like — as a result of your cooperation. Every professional discipline, including music, requires networking, and creating working partnerships with other musicians will allow you to make new contacts with each collaboration.

Increased Income

With increased awareness and growth in fanbase size comes greater means to earn off your passion. Artists such as Ayreon and Mark Ronson, for example, make the majority of their income from collaborations with other musicians. Collaborations are a great method to increase your revenue potential if you’re a money-conscious artist, which most are — no shame in wanting to live comfortably. Even a writing credit can lead to larger royalties, just because your contribution isn’t audible, doesn’t mean there isn’t value in it.

Collaborations benefit musicians in a variety of ways, from improved performance to greater earning potential. If you want to build, and most importantly, maintain a lucrative performing arts career, working with others is a great route to take.