Experience and views on Vollume Control app

By George Merced-Goire

As a mixing engineer, I find there are many tools involved in the process of online collaborating with music producers and artists when working in on-going music productions.  Many files have to be transferred during this process using different file-sharing tools.  Often, these tools are not dedicated to music professionals.

They are general-purpose data-sharing tools that can be cumbersome to use.  Many links are sent via text messages, email, or direct messages on social network sites for providing updates during the mix revision process or when new ideas and elements are added into a song in the production stage.  I see how many session musicians from different countries record in their private studios the different parts of a song but rarely do they have a unified approach to sharing, commenting and collaborating in the production process.

Vollume is a great alternative for music professionals looking to do all collaboration in one platform, allowing easy access to DAW functionality and sharing music content with ease.  Avoiding the hassle of uploading high-quality music into a variety of online data-sharing methods that are not integrated into the session.  These methods, in contrast, add extra steps into the music production process that consume time.  Vollume can unify the entire production team into a seamless platform where time is not wasted and creativity is not limited by the technical aspects of sharing music on platforms not dedicated to music professionals.

Written By George Merced-Goire