Vollume Control Review By Imelda Gabs

I’ve always thought that it would be so nice to have a good app especially designed for sharing and collaborating with other music producers and artists. Vollume is just that! First of all, it is super easy to use, very accessible, and I can already see how it will make my workflow so much better in terms of sharing and syncing music in a secure and productive manner. It is like a coworking space that you can take everywhere with you, a place where you can share your ideas with your collaborators and get some feedback from them as well.

As a producer, you get worried sometimes about sharing your music during the creation process, but Vollume makes it easy to manage collaborator permissions and share private links. It also has a backup and archive feature, which is amazing if you have a substantial amount of files/music you want to share or store for later use. So all together, I think Vollume is one of the things I’ve been waiting for, I definitely recommend it to other producers out there.

Written By Imelda Gabs