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5 Simple But Unique Music Production Tips

Maintain a clean space

Music Production Tips
Maintain a clean space – Music Production Tips

It is essential to work in an orderly space, where we can think calmly and move quickly. At the same time, this promotes our productivity and efficiency.

Stay lit

The light of our working place must be optimal (light temperature between 3500-5500 kelvin) to improve our concentration and productivity. A well-lit space will keep us awake and focused most of the time. On the other hand, dark space with poor lighting will only tire us faster. That is why I do not recommend using the led strip lights as the main light source.

Use your daylight

I know that many of us are nocturnal beings, where the magic and inspiration usually appears in this moment of tranquility, but that has nothing to do with the absence of sunlight, the reason is that there are just a few distractions happening, so we can concentrate better.  Unfortunately, this lifestyle could harm our health and our sleep hours. Therefore I recommend investing in good insulation and acoustic treatment, to make the most of the day.

Take a break

There are many phrases and images on the internet telling us that if we want to achieve success we need to work hard, but this does not mean that we must dedicate ourselves only to work or invest all of our time in creating music. To create music, the main source of inspiration comes from a healthy lifestyle. That means doing exercise, eating well, going out with friends, listening to others’ stories, watching movies/series, etc. It is important to have moments of leisure and thus have fresh ideas.

Listen to new music

Music Production Tips
Listen to new music – Music Production Tips

Sometimes as music creators, we forget what inspired us to create music in the first place: enjoying the music of our favorite artists. It is important to take moments to find and listen to new music.  This gives us new information about what is being done and also we must stay humble and collaborate with the world of music as listeners. How do we want to be heard if we don’t listen?