Passion is the key to success

Image by: iammagpie

All musicians are facing the same issue. Live shows and concerts are cancelled. The center piece of a music career is paused or limited. This forced change to our normality is daunting, but it can also be, the beginning of something new.

Digital shows, live streams, and concerts at drive-in theatres are a new way of making it possible for fans to enjoy the music they love.

Bands singers and composers can use their new found time not-traveling to create more music. More music being created means a welcome increase in demand for producers, mixers, and mastering engineers.

Not being able to hire grammy nominated engineers or producers because they are fully booked, provides an opportunity for aspiring creators to shine.

It used to be the only way to book producers or engineers were through references within the business via already established artists, but today with computers getting cheaper, and the broad reach of the internet, every talented producer or engineer can create a portfolio of incredible, quality music and share it with the world.

The pandemic has given us the space to reignite our passion for music creation, and gives us the time to execute our vision to make impacting and emotional music whether you are an established creator or a creator at the start of your journey.

Written By Philipp Beesen