Plugin Review: M-De-Esser by Techivation


Every month, we may hear audio developer companies releasing new products, but only a tiny number of them could turn out to be something special. There are hundreds of different audio plugins out there for each audio processing category, and in most cases, all could get the job done at the same standard rate. Therefore, it’s becoming harder for both developers to put out something more special and for users to pick the right tool for their intended purpose.

Speaking of de-essers, Techivation has recently released their latest de-esser product. Even though Techivation had already released a de-esser in 2021, with tens if not hundreds of de-essers by other companies already on the market, one might wonder why they would release another de-esser. This is especially pertinent since they already have their T-De-Esser and T-De-Esser Pro in their catalogue.

I was thinking the same, so I decided to look it up. After reading some positive comments from users on social media and forums, I became curious enough to grab a free trial and see what would make this plugin any different from all the other de-essers on the market. This was particularly true after reading their claim on their website, which states, “The end of the search for the perfect de-esser.” I must admit, they were right!

What Makes This De-Esser Special?

Generally, de-essers are tools that users don’t typically reach for unless necessary. With modern production requiring brighter sounds and more in-the-box audio processing, the demand for them has been rising. The common issue with most de-essers is that while they can help, they often bring about new side effects, or users may spend a considerable amount of time tweaking settings until they achieve the desired sound. Common side effects when using most de-essers include lisping, artefacts, excessively dull sound, loss of frequency balance, and more.

After using the M-De-Esser by Techivation, it became clear that their team aimed to address all these issues and create a de-esser that actually functions the way users would expect. I used it not only on vocals but also on drum elements such as hi-hats and cymbals, bright synth keys, and more. It indeed performed the job perfectly.

The user interface is simple and easy to understand, which is a significant advantage. Along with its powerful features, it helps users quickly dial in the right settings without doubts or wasted time. It wasn’t just about having a great-sounding de-esser; there was something peculiar – I could actually make a poorly recorded vocal sound good with it. This isn’t a common outcome in audio processing. First, listen to the poorly recorded vocal track, and then I’ll demonstrate how I used the M-De-Esser to enhance it.

Poorly Recorded Vocal Track: Fully dry.

The vocal was recorded using a less-than-ideal microphone in a poorly acoustically treated space. I attempted to apply a lot of EQ to enhance the brightness and eliminate muddiness and boxiness. However, this resulted in a very harsh and overly bright sound. I aimed to rectify this using the M-De-Esser. The following track features the vocal after applying EQ boosts and cuts, without the M-De-Esser.

Poorly Recorded Vocal Track: Processed with EQ.

Next, I inserted the M-De-Esser to rectify the issues in the high frequencies. There was a lot of harshness, excessive sibilance, and strong resonances that needed to be smoothed out, and the M-De-Esser exceeded my expectations in achieving this. This experience presents a significant challenge, showcasing its potential impact on professional or decent recordings.

Poorly Recorded Vocal Track: Processed with EQ, and M-De-Esser.


After trying it on various instruments, particularly on drum hi-hats and cymbals, it’s evident that this plugin is not just another de-esser but a truly exceptional one.

With such a high level of sound quality and simplicity at the price point they’re selling this plugin, the M-De-Esser is a no-brainer investment, suitable for professionals, intermediates, and beginners alike. For more information about this new Techivation plugin, visit their website at